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Sindoro variety is one   of popular seedless watermelon in Indonesia. It has a red flesh, round shape, weigh: 5-8 kg/fruit, sugar: 12 %, suitable for long distance shipment, storage period at room temperature: 30 days.


It could growth in tropical area at all season and however, in sub tropical area at summer. In tropical area is suitable at 0-700 m altitude, sandy up to clay soil type. At optimal condition, Sindoro could produce fresh fruit until 8-9 kg per plant or 25-35 tons per ha. At 65 days after transplanting or 80 days after seedling, a fruit is optimal to harvest.


Germination ability: ≥ 90 %.

Purity: ≥ 99 %.

Relative humidity: 6-7 %.

Storage period:  1 year at room temperature and 3 years at 16-18 C.

Package: aluminum foil.

Price: USD 11.00/pack.